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About Us

Introduction- E-Business & Virtual Marketing Services is a turnkey solution company focused on deploying customized, made to measure IT Solution in providing expected and unanticipated benefits, thereby promoting corporate objectives of our clients.

We are fully kitted with a nimble, smart and well trained compliment of staff to evaluate, propose, install, manage and maintain our various products.

Our single category status makes us uniquely adaptive in seamless implementation of our applications. Some of our solutions are Time and Attendance System, Access Control, Asset Management System, Anti-theft Devices, Face ID Biometric System, Parking Management and Patrolling Systems.

Our Vision

An outstanding marketing enterprise offering unique professional IT services designed to maximize resource utilization and profitability of our clients within the African Continent.

Our Mission

“A single category organization benchmarking with world class standards to offer turnkey IT Solutions that deliver outstanding utilities critical to the success of our clients in the African continent while remaining responsible to all relevant stakeholders”

Our Services

Some of our turnkey solutions are generic while some are industry specific applications. A cursory summary of our services are as follows:

  • Time & Attendance Solution-An application for all organizations interested in tracking attendance at work, factory, school, meeting etc. The uniqueness of our application is that they are all biometric (use of face or fingerprint).
  • Access Control Solution- Use of biometric ID to restrict, monitor or control access to all sensitive environments where entrance is defined to include a certain group of people at specific periods of time.
  • myTAG Solution- A fixed asset/inventory management solution. It includes identification, labeling, and tracking of physical movement of these items to ensure control and accountability.
  • smartSTORE Solution- A two in one solution for anti-theft/anti-shoplifting and people counting.
  • Electronic Voting Solution: A three in one solution for elective voting, inductive voting and remote voting.

    • eVoting: An application that replaces the traditional paper ballot and box with eBallot Card and eBallot Box respectively.
    • rVoting: Online voting application. It is the use of secure internet infrastructure for electronic voting.
    • iVoting: Use of specialized interactive audience response system in aggregating individual and collective feedback in conferences, opinion polls, psychometric tests, quiz, personnel evaluation etc.
  • Biometric Face ID- This is a functional extension of our fingerprint (biometric) based solution in Access Control and Time & Attendance. Our Biometric Face ID Solution has functional application in the following practical areas:

    • Visitor Documentation
    • Face ID Access Control
    • Face Election
    • Face Log-in

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