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ACCESSplus is a simple, quick and comprehensive management tool that ensures Visitors, Contractors, Volunteers, Guests, Suppliers and other temporary users of your facility are documented, screened, badged and tracked expeditiously with ease.

Without having a firm grip on activities in the lobby, it is difficult for an organisation to implement and harvest key sublime benefits of End-to-End Client Relationship Management (CRM).

Unrelatedly and from a different perspective, the paradigm of positioning eloquently posits that - the criminal, wrong doer or even a violent person locates his activity in a place where he can successfully attack effectively. In other words, he is on the prowl for the most vulnerable victim.

However, there is no reason to live in fear of crime or violence. But there is reason to take reasonable precaution and in doing so you would have deterred most wrong doers or even criminals from choosing you, your office, home, site, organisation or facility as their target.

The traditional paper and pen lobby documentation system otherwise known as visitors' log book is porous and patently weak in fulfilling its purpose in contemporary times.

ACCESSplus generates visitor data and purpose in seconds while concurrently capturing and storing visit information including automated photo capture through biometric technology in a database for easy retrieval and reporting.

With ACCESSplus you would be able to:

  • Instigate pre-registration of Visitors by their Host
  • Expedite visitor check-in and check-out process
  • Monitor, control and restrict maximum number of visitors per host
  • Report on quality and type of visits -Time Wasters, Customers, Social Visitors etc
  • Document time spent by each Visitor
  • Quickly and accurately verify the identity of Visitors
  • Set time zone or period when visitors are allowed
  • Improve and automate lobby security
ACCESSplus is functionally efficient, affordable, non-intrusive, easy to learn, fun to use and makes every visitor retain a pleasant memory of their visit.

Please contact us today on how quickly and easily you can replace your paper and pen visitor log with a more versatile ACCESSplus.

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