Electronic Voting Systems - on Demand: Election, Opinion Poll & 360 Survey Services.

Introduction- Simple, Secured, Plug & Play Electronic Voting Solution

Freedom of expression and choice is fundamental to wealth creation, development and democracy in all societies. Migrating from dropping clay balls into clay pots (origin from thee word ballot), one of the turning point in the development of modern democrazy was the appearance in the 1850s of the Australlian Paper Ballot. After about 13 decades of practical application, contemporary electorates worldwide have been quite concerned about the acute limitations of the paper ballot in ushering a free, fair and transparent voting process in modern day complex societies.

Technology came to the rescue in form of touch screens sms messages, cellular phones, internet voting, blind signatures, mix-nets and hemimorphic encryption as veritable alternatives in ameliorating key limitations of traditional ballot paper.

Our Election Voting Solution is designed for diverse voting requirements in democratic and commercial applicants.

The eBallot Box for examples is a sleek, secured and accurate voting machine that goes anywhere at short notice. It is designed to run without singular point of compromise, failure or bottleneck in delivering accurate result, eliminating void votes, speeding up the count and modernising the electoral system.

Our Poll Services is the most functional rich polling technology with outstanding flexibility and features perfectly suited for all kinds of voting, customer survey, public opinion poll, staff/student training and personnel assessment.


  • Election at AGM of Professional Bodies and Shareholders
  • Election at Annual Convention of Churches
  • Students Union Election
  • Alumni Association Election
  • Political Party Primaries
  • Referendum
  • Parliamentary Election
  • Approval Voting
  • Constitutional Election
  • Run-off Voting
  • Cooperative Society Election
  • Trade Union Election
  • Private Club Election
  • Congress of Political Parties
  • Interactive Training
  • Students Virtual Parliament
  • TV Game Show
  • Reality TV Show
  • Quiz
  • Opinion Poll
  • Customer Feedback on Product & Services
  • Market Research


Introduction - The goal of any voting system is to establish the intent of eligible voters and transfer that intent to the poll counter in a credible, free and fair manner. Organizing and implementing in all respect a flawless and transparent election is usually a challenge for election Administrations. The Australian Paper Ballot evolved as the most conventionally acceopted means of expressing the intent of votes and the system has been used by many.

Limitations of Paper Ballot

Reforms of traditional voting system was driven by factors such as:

  • High incidence of void ballots
  • Widespread electoral fraud and abuse of the system especially in less developed countries
  • Cumbersome process of vote tallying and counting
  • Subjective criteria for accepting a mark on ballot as valid vote
  • Excessive physical monitoring is required
  • Planning and implementation with traditional system is tedious
  • Too many potential reasons for disputed results


eVoting is a reform initiative in response to the short-comings of the traditional system. It is an electronic voting system in which election data is recorded, stored and processed primarily in digital format. There are many forms of eVoting technologies such as Lever Voting Machine, Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machine, GSM Phones etc.

eBallot Box - a better ballot box
eBallot Box is an eVoting system that accomplishes the desirable characteristics of traditional voting system in areas such as Accuracy, Democracy, Privacy, Openness, Verifiability and Integrity using very efficient e-Voting protocols.

eBallot Box e-Protocol Design Criteria
Authentication - Only eligible voters are authorized. This can be done manually, digitally or with biometrics (fingerprints or face)
Convenience - Voters cast their votes with fervent ease, minimal skill or education.
Certifiable - Testable system by election Administrators for fault tolerance, completeness, accuracy, transparency, etc before real election
Cost Effectiveness - Efficiently affordable system.
Anonymity - Where privacy is key, no one should be able to determine how voters voted
Audibility - End to end iron clad audit evidence
Integrity - No voter can vote more than once
Security - Votes cannot be modified without detection

eBallot Box Benefits

Plug and Play - Simplifies planning and implementation of elections. Voting can be set up in a very short time.
Security - Votes cannot be stolen, inflated or exchanged.
Error Proof - Designed to run without singular point of error, failure or bottleneck
Convenience - Voting is faster and friendlier
Multiple Location Application - Can be applied for multiple e-voting
Democratic Credential - Eligible voters can only vote once. Every vote counts once. Zero void votes
Verifiable - System easily lay candidate's potential claims and issues to rest
Tallying and counting - Instant result.


rVoting (Remote Voting Solution) is a web-based voting application that uses the internet and on-line infrastructure to set-up and manage election, survey and polls such that voters can participate conveniently from remote locations.

rVoting Features

  • Managed Service-No Software to install or maintain.
    • No data back-ups to worry about
    • Professionally managed Server and Service
  • Ready made and D.I.Y. Templates
  • Iron-cast secured on-line Voting Interface
  • Proprietary Election Security Configuration
  • Fortified Hosting and Network facility
  • Hacker Proof Certification
  • Cutting Edge Voter Verification
  • Truly Anonymous Survey and Voting Features
  • 24/7 Election/Survey/Opinion Poll Monitoring and Support Service.
  • Efficient and Effective Voter Traffic Management.
  • On-line Ballot Management.
  • Instant Access-Launched and Ready to Run within 24 hours.
  • Automated Ballot Results and Opinion Poll Harvesting.
  • Transparent Auditing and Vote Verification Tools.
  • Under vote and Over vote Control.
  • Separate Polls for Different Groups with Secure Partitions.
  • Candidate Picture and Bios in Online Ballot.
  • Automated Vote Open and Close Date and Time.
  • Enabled Vote Receipt.

rVoting Application

  • Opinion Polls
  • 360* Survey for General Research, Customers, Prospects, Product Satisfaction, HR Performance, Post Event Feedback etc.
  • Professional Association Election.
  • Student Governance Union and Association Election
  • Clubs/Membership Elections
  • Virtual Referendum
  • Employee Voting
  • Award Nominations
  • Shareholder Votes
  • Workers/Employees Union
  • Auction Sales

rVoting Benefits

  • Convenience of Virtual Participation
  • Paperless Application-Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effectiveness - Eliminate Cost of Printing Ballots, Mailing Ballot & Manpower Requirement
  • Sublime Cost Effectiveness - Eliminate Huge In-gathering Costs such as Transport and Man Hour Per voter/Participant
  • The Application With Zero Cost for Voters
  • Easy To Set Up - We Take Your Brief and You Are Up And Running In Hours.
  • Perfect Election Experience for Voters - No Fillings of Forms, Just a Few Clicks With Mouse And They Are Done
  • Accuracy & Integrity - To Be Valid An Election Must Be Perfect. No Rooms For Errors & Mistakes.
  • Increased Voter Turnout - Typically By 20-50 Perfect
  • Smooth Unchallenged Election Results
  • Transparent - Everyone Has Equal Control Over Voting Agenda
  • Instant Results
  • Tool For Grooming Citizens Especially Youths on Democracy e.g. Students Virtual Parliament Portal
  • Invaluable Research and Feedback Tool For:
    • Broadcasting Institutions
    • Marketing Organizations
    • Focused Product/Service Development Groups
  • eGovernance
  • Nurtures Creativity, Wealth Creation and Human Rights Advocacy.

iVoting (Inductive Voting Solution)
Inductive Voting Solution (iVoting) is an interactive digital audience response system for evaluation, monitoring and management of individual and collective response in:

  • Conference/Workshop
  • Applicant Testing
  • Team Building and Sales Force Meeting
  • Personnel Evaluation and Selection
  • Opinion Polls and Surveys
  • Quiz
  • TV Game Show
  • Student Teaching and Inductive Assessment


  • Advanced 2 way RF technology
  • Keypad response system (user response)
  • Each keypad has a unique identity
  • Unique keypad address is trasmitted with each keypad response
  • Keypad has 3 Voting Keys: Yes/No/Abstain
  • Keypad has Id numeric keys for single/multiple choice response (buttons are labelled 1-10, A-J)
  • Time stamping response can be speed scored to identify response

iVoting Benefits

  • Stimulate learning
  • Student Test and Assessment is more dynamic and fun
  • Encourage participation through interaction
  • Gather large amounts of feedback quickly
  • Instant voting and election results in focused small and large groups of people
  • Helps streamline and analyse data collection
  • Customize games and TV Shows
  • Aids effective market research and feedback within focus groups
  • Aids Instant Customer opinion in trade shows and exhibitions
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