Access Control - Restrict/Control Access into Sensitive Area.



We are pleased to introduce our enclosed range of access control, identity verification and transaction authentication systems.

Access Control systems are ideal for environments where identification and verification of those moving in and out is key. Equipped with fast one to many fingerprint identification engines, our Access Control System eliminates the need of carrying membership card, PIN or keys even for a large enrolment of thousands of users: With E-Biz Access Control System, Its Simple and Enough - Just Place your Finger.

For door access control, installation of BEACon access controller necessary.An encripted secure protocol is used for communication between fingerprint reader and BEACon access controller.

Our biotechnology intelligent access control systems incorporate industry leading fingerprint recognition algorithm, configured to:

  • Verify the identity of bonafide persons.
  • Provide key management information when audit trail is required in investigative circumstances.
  • Monitor, restrict and enforce the movement of guests and visitors in defined environments.
  • Complement financial and non-financial transactions with Biometric lD Verification that retains iron cast audit trail.
  • Restrict access into sensitive and secured thresholds to only authorized persons such as personnel and official visitors.

Hitherto, popular solutions such as key padlocks, signature verification by physical sighting, gate pass, and password are prone to either inadvertent or deliberate breaches and compromise such as loss of memory, functional limitation, duplication, misplacement or improper disclosure. These accidents allow for cheating, fraud, proxy authorization and breach of security.

Biometrics are fixed, constant, unique and irreplicable, thus making it the most desirable form of ID system.

A synopsis of our Intelligent ID System include the following features:

  • World’s most reliable fingerprint solution when compared with any other application.
  • Invincible speed and capacity-can take 50.000 fingerprint templates and 500.000 event logs.
  • Multifunctional- fingerprint + card + password (You can choose any combination that you like)

Their unique, multi-task and multimedia facilities are most suitable for:

  • Work place, school, and institutional access control verification
  • Fool proof identification of bonafide persons and transaction authentication in IT Control and Data Centres
  • Customised animation, digital imaging and sound broadcast.
  • lnquiry reports such as access log, event log, red-flag, trespass, personnel movement, investigation and much more.

Specifically, our Biometric Solution System comprise of 2 distinct utility modules as follows:

Access Control Module-For Restricting Access in Sensitive Office & Residential Location; Log of Movements In and Out of Designated Location; Audit Trail to Review Access to Designated Location; Digital Access Control System (Automated Doors & Sensors), CCTV; Remote Security Surveillance Systems(with Video Recording and Internet Connectivity) etc

I.D Verification Module-For Identity Verification of Students during Semester Examination and Key Course Tests; I.D Verification of Bonafide Students; Full, Final and Authentic I.D Database of Students, Staff, Pensioners etc for Future Referrals; I.D Verification at Hostels and Halls of Residence etc

Each of the modules are interactive, simple to deploy and easy to operate. We do customize packages that fit into your domestic economy.


  • Ergonomic design
  • World's most reliable fingerprint algorithm
  • Industry's fastest matching speed
  • Easy template distribution in network installations
  • Tamper switch against vandalism
  • Duress finger mode
  • Counterfeit access rejection


  • All Sensitive Office Locations.
  • Personal Residence of High-Networth Individuals.
  • Data Rooms of Financial Institutions.
  • Critical IT Centre of Corporate Organisations.
  • Entrance of Private Clubs & Entertainment Centres.
  • Access into Other Fee Based Environments.
  • Airports & Other Security Sensitive Public Institutions.


  • Intelligent Packaging Management System.
  • Intelligent Security Patrol System.
  • Fingerprint Door Lock System.
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