myTAG-Taking Total Control of your Fixed Asset, Inventory and Returnable.


All organizations whether private or public invest significant on assets, inventories, documents and other infrastructure necessary for their day to day productivity. Some of these resources are fixed while a greater number are mobile.

Irrespective of their nature, the challenges for top management are to always ensure that these key resources are always available in good condition when they are needed by authorized persons.

Leveraging on technology, myTAG solution brings depth of expertise, unconscious competence and professional wizardry to your organization in the following key areas:

Inventory Control - Provides all necessary tools for documenting and reporting on all kinds of inventory while reinforcing significant control to deter losses and theft. myTAG also offer customized RFID solution for jewelry stores, laboratory and medical stores.

Items of Revolving Possession - From your office files, folders, books in the library, rental items, tools and samples, you are able to track when they were given out, when you expect them back and for how long they are overdue. With myTAG gone are the days of "files missing in transit".

Fixed Asset Control - From purchasing, identification, tagging and depreciation to maintenance, warranty, deployment custodian, physical verification, and disposal, myTAG astutely manages your fixed assets all through its useful lifetime.

Even for clients with an existing Fixed Asset/Inventory Control Program, myTAG is often a more convenient and ultimately cost effective option in physical counting and verification.

Public Sector Resource Control - This is a special bouquet featuring the unique documentation and stewardship requirements of government ministries and parastatals necessary for control of public resources and efficiency in service delivery.

For small scale business we offer FREE mentoring service on Property, Inventory and Fixed Asset Management Systems in order to build internal best practices in corporate governance.

In order to satisfy even the most demanding budget, myTAG could be accessed through any of the following: >>Buy & Own >>Lease & Use >>Lease & Own >>Outsourcing

Our outsourcing platform allows you to spontaneously harvest the full benefits of myTAG and the expertise of our personnel without losing focus on your normal business activities.

Our customary survey, installation, implementation and training ensure that you realize the value of your investment quickly and throughout the project cycle. Please find enclosed an expose on our niche offering.

It would be our pleasure for an opportunity to implement myTAG as one of the key innovation in taking your organization to the next level.

myTAG - ID Solution

Nameplates and Labels - Made to Specification

Durable Products - the toughest, most versatile products on the market, made with long-lasting materials for everything from office settings to the harshest manufacturing environments.

Fast Turnaround - you don't have to wait for quality labels and nameplates; your order will be custom made and ready to stick in a matter of days.

Hundreds of Options - material, colors, sizes, applications ... find exactly the right product and options to suit your specific needs Several sizes available for each label and nameplate. See the Product Diagram below for an array of features.

All Environments
Look for the helpful environment gauge with every product listing. It will help you identify the environments each product can withstand, from office settings to the harshest work conditions.

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