smartSTORE-Anti-theft and People Counter Solution.


Complementary Anti-Theft (smartTAG) and People Counter (smartCOUNT) Systems.


There is a growing number of people who made their living by stealing from retail stores, malls, libraries, museums etc.

According to Chris Mc Goey over $104.5 Billion was stolen from stores worldwide in 2008, translating to about $286 million shoplift losses each day. smartTAG is an electronic shoplift deterence and detectionsystem designed to seamlessly integrate with diverse inventory in-store displays.

Capturing an accurateflow of customer, prospect and visitor traffic entering a mall, shop, customer service area or public space is the richest and most functionally efficient key to provide basic information in elevating service and performance benchmarks across a variety of commercial and non-commercial environments.

smartCOUNT is an unobtrusive tool to discreetly quantify customer and visitor traffic and patterns over time in libraries, stores, churches, banking halls etc.


The challenges facing retail service/store managers have never been more daunting-merchandise theft has become much more sophisticated; there is a growing of organized theft rings and people who make their living by stealing from retail stores; general economic recession has reduced the size of customer wallet; losses to staff fraud is on the upswing; individuals who are desperate to survive without employment have all conspired to increase shrinking thereby ballooning costs in retail services and erode profit margin in retail store businesses worldwide.

How Bad is the Situation?

Global Retail Theft Research put total shrinkage (shoplifting, staff theft, vendor fraud and errors) worldwide in Retail Merchandising Business in 2007 at a whooping sum of US$98.6Billion!

In 2008 the barometre of shrinkage in inventories covering 36 countries from 920 of the largest outlets skyrocket to US$104.5Billion! 5.3 million shoplifters were arrested worldwide in the 920 outlets surveyed in 2008. Because sample survey does not include all countries, the above indicator certainly falls short of the real value off inventories that walk out of the store without been purchased. For example, the 2007 figures did not include Africa. 2008 figures included only Mega Malls in 36 countries including South Africa (excluding West, East & North Africa).

Retail theft is therefore a most single critical factor threatening the survival of retail stores today.

Shoplifters Hit List

Some of the stolen items from stores worldwide are:
  • Textiles
  • Designer wears
  • Batteries
  • Cellphones
  • Office Supplies
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Computer Goods and Softwares (Laptops and Accessories)
  • Small Electrical Items such as Mp3, Mp4 Players and TVs
  • Watches and Jewelries
  • Perfumes and Fine Fragrances
  • Spirits and Champagne
  • Cosmetics and Skincare Products
  • Razor and Razor Blades
  • High Value Food Items Including Meat
  • Videogames and Accessories

Anti-Shoplifting Solutions

Combative measures that are being applied to curb the menace of shoplifting are:
  • Dogging - Using store attendants or security guards to tail shoppers
  • Observation Mirrors - Monitoring shoppers in mirrors positioned at strategic locations.
  • CCTV Audio Visual Suiveillance
  • Keepers/Safers - Display in locked cabinets, shelves, dummy cartons, cables and tethering of products.

The limitation of these alternatives is that professional shoplifters easily circumvent them.

smartTAG - The Ultimate Solution
Increasing sophistication of organized retail theft requires retailers to adopt new technologies and systems to apprehend shoplifters and arrest the astronomical levels of losses to criminals by inventory managers and retail outlets.
smartTAG is the use of electronic, magnetic and acousto-magnatic tags to track illegal removal of inventories, books, artifacts and assets. These tags are removed or deactivated with special equipments by authorised persons when the items are properly sold, borrowed or checked out. At the exit of the store or storage area, a detection system sounds an alarm when active tags are taken across its threshold.

Components of smartTAG

  • Alarm System
  • Deactivators
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Detachers
  • Smart Safers/Keepers

Unique Characteristic of smartTAG

Global Retail Theft Research conducted in 2007 and 2008 revealed that the rate of shoplifting in United States and UK has reduced between 2007 and 2008 as a result of increased investments in Electronic Anti-Shoplifting Systems. Meanwhile, in other countries where there was a reliance on traditional systems, the number and value of shoplifting increased tremendously thereby jacking up global theft statistics.

Electronic tagging is therefore the most effective anti-shoplifting system in application today. Other unique characteristic of smartTAG are:

  • Proven reliability and performance
  • Excellent security tag detection in a variety of exit widths
  • Wide variety of tags, keepers and safers for all products and specifications-security and access in one simple solution.
  • Fast label application speed
  • Multiple antitheft label formats

We consult for corporate organizations on anti-shoplifting, shrinkage management and loss prevention usually resulting in the following benefits:

smartTAG Benefits
  • Reduction of shrinkage cost i.e. shoplifting, staff theft, vendor fraud
  • Unobtrusive anti-shoplifting technology, privacy and unfettered access to the products
  • Store managers can afford to reduce mark-up and sell more as a result of reduced shrinkage
  • Shrinkages drain on profitability is reduced (for every item stolen, multiple items have to be sold in compensation for cost of item stolen).
  • Cheaper than other preventive measures in the long run (pay back period is usually between 10-24 months)
  • Improved store layout and better shopping experience for shoppers
  • Reduced in-store labour costs
  • Increased focus on customer service and utilities
  • Reduced out of stock and low inventory
smartTAG Applications
  • Libraries - Public and Private
  • Museums
  • Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Departmental Stores
  • Schools and Universities
  • Specialist Retailers
  • Promotion Tracking
  • Animal Identification


smartCOUNT is a business tool to quantify shopper/client/customer/visitor traffic activity and report accurately on people entering and leaving a store or service area through each entrance and exit points as well as service points by location or zone over time, day, week, month or year.

It captures the flow of potential and actual customers entering a service/merchandise environment for business or not for profit purpose and over time provide an indication of customer demand patterns and trends thereby empowering management to improve on the quality of service and offering. By automatically tracking the number of visitors/customers and highlighting service challenges, management can review service per traffic/sales to traffic conversions rates, ensure the right staffing is in place and activate a scientific tool for measuring customer/public response to marketing promotion.

  • Captures data with digital side-mounted infrared sensors
  • Designed as a stand alone system or an optional feature of smartTAG
  • Reports can be generated over various timeless - hours, days, weeks, etc.
  • Installation is unobtrusive, high performance device that will not disturb normal business operations
  • Flexible in implementation, featuring report that are intuitive and analytical especially when combined with other store/service intelligence systems.
  • Secure access to data
  • Installation and Implementation is available on 'Buy and Own' and 'Lease and Use' basis
  • Adaptable to special service environments
  • Better Store/Service Planning - Accurate Forward Plans
  • Better Staffing - Control Labour Cost
    • Reduce/Eliminate Queues
  • Improved Merchandising - Identify Right Inventory Levels
    • Smoother Customer Experience
    • Make the most of Hot Seasons of Higher Levels of Patronage
    • Reduce/Avoid out of Stock Situation
  • Marketing Metrics - Measure Success of Product Promotions
    • Strengthen Service/Brand/Customer Loyalty
    • Improved Return on Investment
  • Tool for Charge - Functionally Rich Basic Information to Provide Analysis in:
    • Conversion Rate of Visitors to Sales
    • Conversion Rate of Visitors to Till (Specific Service Point)
    • Measure and Reward Staff Performance
    • Compare Store Location Performance
    • Better Planning leads to Reduced Theft
    • Traffic by Entrance
    • Rush Hour/Peak Period Reporting
smartCOUNT Applications Service environments such as:
  • Toll Collection Points
  • Banking Halls
  • Reception of commercial organizations
  • Religion organizations i.e. churches, mosque
  • Research/Survey services
  • Public and private organizations where arrival and services rates are key.
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Departmental Stores
  • Specialist Retailers
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