Genetical Coded Biometric

Time & Attendance


We are pleased to introduce our digital clocking, attendance monitoring, identity verification and intelligent management systems in order to boost productivity and efficiency of Human Resources.

Our biotechnology intelligent systems incorporate industry leading fingerprint recognition algorithm, configured to:

  1. Digitally manage the attendance and punctuality of employees (digital clocking).
  2. Provide enabling database to dispassionately justify huge payroll and verify reported manpower shortages.
  3. Provide key management information to reward your most punctual, efficient and valuable staff.
  4. ldentification and verification of bonafide pensioners once and for all (forestalls recurring future verification).
  5. Complement financial and non-financial transactions with Biometric lD Verification that retains iron cast audit trail.

Hitherto, popular solutions such as attendance register, ink thumb print and clocking cards are prone to either inadvertent or deliberate breaches and compromise such as functional limitation, duplication, misplacement or improper disclosure. These accidents allow for just getting by, cheating, fraud (ghost workers) and proxy authorization.

Fingerprints are fixed, constant, unique and irreplicable, thus making it the most desirable form of ID system.

A synopsis of our Intelligent ID System include the following features:

  • World’s most reliable fingerprint solution when compared with any other application.
  • Invincible speed and capacity-can take 50,000 fingerprint templates and 500,000 event logs.
  • Real time network (wired or wireless) and multifunctional operation (fingerprint + card + password).

Their unique, multi-task and multimedia facilities are most suitable for:

  • Dissemination of personalized information and notices
  • Customised animation, digital imaging and sound broadcast.
  • lnquiry reports such as punctuality, lateness, overtime, ghost workers on payroll, red-flag trespass, personnel movement in and out of the office, specific investigation and much more.

Our systems are interactive, simple to deploy and easy to operate. We do customize packages that will seamlessly fit into specific installation requirement and financial budget.


  • Staff Punctuality & Attendance
  • Record of Staff movement in and out of the office
  • Integrated Payroll and HR management of employees (optional)
  • Data collection for employee reward
  • Enforced attendance in public sector and remote branches of private companies
  • Forestalls "ghost workers" syndrome in public sector organizational efficiency.
  • Affordable - can be configure according to specific budgets
  • Real time monitoring and update between Terminal and Workstation


  • Compact design and high quality hardware
  • Simple operational mode
  • Industry leading fingerprint/card identification speed
  • Highest security level
  • Easy data access and content transfer
  • Wi-Fi Wireless network (optional)
  • Display message, video, animation and photo to convey information and notices to employees (optional)
  • Software for - User administration such as enrolment & deletion
    • Uploading transaction log
    • Parameter setting
    • Configuration of bio-station terminal
  • Tamper switch against vandalism
  • Fingerprint sensor can read dry, moist, wet, rough and injured fingers


  • Government Ministries and Parastatals
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Info-Tech and Telecommunication Companies
  • Engineering and Contracting Companies
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Social & Sport Clubs
  • Hotels & Guest House
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